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About Ambrogio15 Enoteca

"Wine is The Most Civilized Thing in the World"

Ernest Hemimgway


Who we are...

We believe in evolution and enhancement. We think we can improve processes while valuing history and nostalgia for what was once lived. Every human attitude is based on two foundations: Necessity and desire. And we stand because of desire. Our concept never imposes but invites. 

We are the extension of something firmly grounded, but we are still unique for being more intimate. Why wine? Because it maximizes, it brings people together. It carries different flavors and sensations into people’s lives. 

Going back to the traditional Italian Cantinas, the best wines were served informally without snobbish pretensions, almost with no social vanity. What mattered the most was fusing high-quality food and wines in the "Italian family" style. 

What we stand for...

The Enoteca Ambrogio15 proposes an experience to be lived and carried out. It is an immersion within a pinch of ancient Italy of traditional wineries: the tasting of quality wines and the availability of typical Italian cuisine products provide the opportunity to take a fragment of that good time and share it. 

Among 100% Organic wines, this experience incorporates Biodynamic and Vegan labels, either for being part of a unique tasting experience or taking home to share with your loved ones. Adding this to a variety of products we offer, we propose different possibilities of interaction, family, friends, corporate gatherings, and many types of events.  

The Enoteca Ambrogio15 combines experiencing, choosing, indulging, and sharing. For the Ambrogio15 family, these are the things that make life worth living. The Enoteca Ambrogio15 is a celebration! 

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Events & Wine Tastings

Wine Tastings

For the ultimate experience, enjoy our wines in our enclosed private wine cellar with your friends or family.

Wine Classes

Examine the wine's appearance, aroma, flavors, and textures to understand how and where it was made as well as it's quality.


Events & Caterings

Impress your guests by booking us for your private event or catering.

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